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Find features that fit your program's needs, or, better yet, customize them to your preference.

Running an incubator?

How are you planning to improve your program engagement?

Educational roadmap management

Track startup progress and customize the educational journey in real-time!

Community management

Build a community and connect your mentors, experts, and startups.

Mentor management

Onboard and connect your mentors all from the same dashboard!

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Running an accelerator?

How do you plan to keep up with your fast-paced program?

Streamlined communication

Communication between your mentors/experts and startups has never been easier.

Industry experts at a glance

Access our network of industry leaders and invite your experts to help your startups

Access exclusive deals

Provide your startups QewamX-exclusive deals and create revenue by adding your services!

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University program?

Are you optimizing your entrepreneurship center?

Customizable educational roadmap

Add your own educational content to your program, and manage it as you go!

Unique learning journey

Add your mentors, and use activities to empower your students' learning.

Track every bit!

Track progress, activities, numbers of sessions and hours, and stay on track with your program.

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A co-working space with startup clients?

How do you plan to build a new, expanding revenue stream?

Exclusive access to deals!

Get exclusive access to 1M$+ worth of exclusive deals with the biggest SaaS providers.

Get real-time data!

Track everything and get access to real-time data on payments and transactions.

Add your own services

Add your own deals and start making money through them!

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Your program
needs more?

Challenge accepted

Manage all of your program's financial transactions through our E-Wallet!

Get a dedicated account manager and premium 24/7 support

Secure the services of our award-winning program manager

Create, publish, and host virtual events

Make your program truly yours with email branding and customization features

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