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for Innovation Management

Built to help you easily manage the entirety of your innovation program from one place

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Incubators looking to better
manage startups

Manage your entire cohort process from the same platform accessible anytime and from anywhere in the world

Experts and mentors looking to truly shine

It's about time for you to have a platform where you can share your knowledge and help others!

Innovation Managers ready to
take it to the next level

Innovation management doesn't have to be the same old conventional way. Change your process: make it digital.

Accelerators trying to make
their process easier

Your startups' journey is about to get a whole lot easier
Plan, educate, manage, track, and enhance from the same dashboard



  • Educate

    Learning material and modules customized to each startup’s needs
  • Manage

    Easily manage all of your cohort processes from the same place
  • Digitalize

    Manage your program online from anywhere in the world.
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The Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority - KSA
"Using QewamX platform has been an amazing experience for us and our team, and the first thing that struck me using the platform was the way it introduced a whole new way to manage your workflow as a startup. The team was adhered to the best user experience and does the best to make it as smooth as possible."
leading IT solutions provider
“QewamX is the perfect software for bridging the workflow gaps between various functions in the company, our lead time has been reduced and helped our internal team members increase their overall productivity. Itʼs so raw and flexible so that we can customize around different verticals! Excellent in terms of performance and cost.”

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